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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Click here for information on the Archiocese Strategic Plan.

Vision of the Archdiocese and St. James

Our vision is to be a vibrant and growing Catholic community as the body of Christ.

Values of the Archdiocese and St. James

The values of the Archdiocese and St. James reflect the values of Catholicism.

Mission Statement of St. James

The St. James family is a welcoming Catholic community sent forth from our celebration of the Eucharist to walk in faith,  live in hope, and act in love. As disciples of Jesus Christ we are committed to justice and peace through prayer, education, evangelization, and stewardship. We remember. We celebrate. We believe.


The Archdiocese and St. James Strategic Plan for 2011 – 2016

The St. James Strategic Planning Committee proposes the following plan for the 2011-2016 time periods.  This plan is a combination of the St. James Strategic Plan and the Archdiocese Plan.

Governing Theme, Overall Goal, and Focus Areas

Governing themes of the strategic plan:

Archdiocese: Over the next five years, more deeply incorporate baptized Catholics into the Catholic Church, as the body of Christ, and do so over the entire course of their lives. Explanation: Of course, baptized Catholics are already incorporated into the Body of Christ, his Church. Often, however, as Pope John Paul II indicated when he raised the challenge of the New Evangelization, people may be Catholic Christians in name but not in fact. Deeper incorporation means a more deliberate and a more intentional faith commitment that narrows the gap between notional and real faith. This deeper incorporation in Christ and the more authentic appropriation of faith happens not in a moment but in the course of a life’s journey that the Church sustains and accompanies.

St. James: Make St. James an even more vibrant and growing parish by ensuring our Mission Statement is at the forefront of all we do.

Overarching goals:

Archdiocese: Improve the total Archdiocese October count in each parish by 20% by 2016. Explanation: this overarching goal is not just a quantifiable product; rather, it would be a sign and a manifestation that greater vitality has taken hold of this local Church.

St. James: Improve the total number of active, involved and participating parishioners by 20% by 2016.

Focus areas:

Archdiocese: The St. James Strategic Planning Committee proposes the following areas to focus upon in addition to the Archdiocese areas of focused attention:

St. James:

Increase Involvement: Attention to attracting more involvement by St. James parishioners and utilizing the talents of those involved to their highest potential.

Information and Communication: Attention to communicating effectively with all demographics in the parish both when the parish seeks to gain one’s attention as well as when someone is seeking to gain information.

Inclusive and Welcoming: Make sure all feel welcome and included throughout the Parish.


  • Evangelization: Attention to teens / early young adults (13- 24).
  • Formation: Attention to parents when they present their children for the sacraments, as a means of fostering the faith formation of the parents as well as that of the children.
  • Parish Vitality: Attention to insuring the vitality of the parish system through a renewed sense of mission and stable financials, so that the mission (evangelization and formation) and support for the mission (financial stability) can yield a renewed sense of parish vitality.