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Our Road Trip to the University of Illinois was a Huge Success!
We were so blessed to have 9 students, 3 parents, 2 seminarians and 2 priests together for mass and lunch at the beautiful St John’s Newman Center on Friday, March 8th in Champaign-Urbana.
And while the day was a success from logistics and fellowship  perspectives – in his homily, Fr Matt uplifted our students by defining success. Success, he shared, in its truest sense is getting to heaven. He called out the students for already being so successful – because on a sunny Friday afternoon on a college campus, they could have been a hundred other places – and they each chose to be at mass. How wonderfully successful they already are!!
If you would like to help coordinate a Friday mass on your student’s campus, please contact Fr. Matt Foley. Road trips like these make our mission statement of being and making disciples so alive!
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