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Thank you, Father Matt,  for inviting Detective Wistocki to St. James on Wednesday evening! 

An audience of concerned parents and grandparents heard Detective Richard Wistocki talk about how we can be proactive to protect our children while they use devices connected to the internet.  Details from his Keeping Kids Safe Parent Presentation include:  How to have technology talks with your child, parental responsibility, trending crimes, reporting incidents, and collecting evidence.  The parent presentation as well as a Keeping Kids Safe Student Presentation and TEDx talk can be found by visiting the Naperville Police Internet Safety Resources website. 

St. James students receive lessons from the Common Sense curriculum to help guide our students to always think about their actions while using the internet and to use their devices in a responsible and safe manner.  Children also need to have these important conversations with their parents in the home.  Watch Detective Wistocki’s presentation and have an age appropriate conversation with your children.  This Common Sense Family Media Agreement can help guide your dialogue.

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