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St. James School

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St. James School is an environment where faith, family and educational excellence reinforce one another throughout the school day. S.J.S. exists to provide a learning environment, which fosters academic excellence, while guiding our children’s developing relationship with God, in accordance with the teachings of our Catholic faith.

Our teachers and staff are sensitive to the educational and individual needs of each student. We know a child’s sense of self-esteem must be nurtured, so that each child feels worthwhile and confident. Only then can a child be challenged to grow and perform to the maximum of his or her potential. Because we work within the structure of a Catholic community, we add an important dimension to our students’ outlook. We strive to develop within each of our students a concern and compassion for the world they share, and the competence they need to fully manage responsibility in this ever changing fast-paced society.

Our Mission

S.J.S. is dedicated to partnering with parents in modeling Christ. Our mission is to provide a foundation, from which students recognize and develop their personal relationship with God. This includes an academic culture of meaningful and continuous learning, sensitivity to the gifts of each child, and tools to shape beliefs, attitudes, values, and practices in accordance with the Gospel message of social justice.

We are called to walk in faith, live in hope, 
and act in love.


Graduates of S.J.S. acquire Catholic moral and spiritual values, enabling them to live responsibly with necessary academic skills. This enables them to contribute to their community, as well as further their own education. Students can then develop the personal resources to cope with, and respond to, the complexities of modern society in a Catholic manner, as well as form positive images of themselves and their various roles in society.