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The Adoration Ministry at St. James started on September 1st, 2004 led by the late Fr. Ted Schmidt in the Parish Center’s chapel supported by lay leaders Dave Kennedy, Ken Young, Phyllis Shields, and Jo Jozwiak. It started once a week for 12 hours of silent adoration and finished up with the Holy Hour led by Deacon Matt Hennessy with evening prayer, rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. St. James is blessed that the adoration of the Lord has not been disrupted since then. The effort was led by Jo Jozwiak whose dedication and devotion to keep Our Lord company was inspiring. She would sit for the whole day and allow people to come and go to visit the Lord with no complaint. She only took an hour lunch and went back to keep Our Lord company until Benediction. Jo Jozwiak retired from coordinating the adoration ministry in 2015. Regina Kastner took over leadership along with the McPherrin family who helped for a short while before they moved away in 2017. At that point there were 20 regular adorers.

In 2013, by God’s providence, Fr. Matt Foley was installed as the new Pastor of St James. He is a man of vision, full of energy and always open to ideas to rejuvenate the parish communal life and spirituality. One of the great visions of Fr. Matt was to include the perpetual adoration chapel in the renovation plan. In 2016, God sent Fr. Derek Ho as Associate Pastor. His devotion to the Blessed Sacrament added much to the future of our adoration chapel. More importantly, God willed it for us; He arranged everything for St. James to embark on an effective marketing and recruiting campaign in and outside of St. James from the start of 2019 with the goal of filling every hour with two adorers. In less than a year, all hours were filled, and we have now over 300 committed adorers and subs. They are truly the firewood that feeds the Divine Flame of The Real Presence which draws souls to Jesus and unlocks many graces.

On June 9th, 2019, Pentecost Sunday, Our Perpetual Adoration Chapel opened to the public and has been the source of great graces and spiritual advancement for hundreds of our parishioners and neighbors. This spring the pandemic arrived and forced the closure of our chapel. Now we are approaching the time when it can be re-opened. Soon, we will all once again have the chance to spend a beautiful hour of peace and prayer in the Real Presence of our Lord Jesus! Current adorers will be contacted and invited to resume their hours in the chapel. We expect that some will be unable to resume because of COVID-19 fears, so we ask all St. James parishioners to consider spending an hour in the chapel. As so many can testify, it will be the best hour of your week, especially in these anxious times. And wait until you see the beautiful new stained-glass windows that Fr. Matt generously added to the chapel during the shutdown! The room is now complete thanks to several kind donors who provided artwork and other items.

Please pray for the chapel and consider your participation in this most blessed and important ministry. Information will be sent soon with specific dates and protocols for re-opening and with the hours that will need to be covered.

Peace and Blessings,

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