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While it has been a great disappointment to see summer plans or goals be postponed or cancelled, we hope Family Connection will make your summer a little better. St. James Family Connection aims to help your family enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ by walking through the life of Jesus in scripture. We always want to strengthen the domestic Church; the family, and the Church as a whole. 

Family Connection begins with a reading plan. The plan is a simple, consistent walk through the Gospel of Mark. We start at the beginning of the gospel and have a reading for each day. Along with the gospel reading, we have short readings from the Old and New Testaments. In total, the daily reading will be 12-14 verses. After the readings, we have a short reflection and a challenge for your children. The challenge will be to do something nice, to serve, or to pray. It is meant to be doable and help them grow in virtue. Our hope is that these readings will help your family learn more about the word of God and grow closer to Him this summer. The reading plan began June 1st and has a new set of reflections each week.

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