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Gallup ME25 Survey Results

St. James Gallup ME25 Survey Results – 2018

St. James conducted Gallup’s Member Engagement (ME25) Survey in the fall of 2018. This survey is being used in several other parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago as part of our efforts to renew our church.

St. James conducted the survey from Sept. 14 through Oct. 9, 2018. While 1,019 people “clicked” the survey, a more accurate number of respondents is 940—with 756 respondents completing 100 percent of the survey and 184 respondents completing 90 percent of the survey.

Thank you to all who took the time to share your opinions with us! Your input has given us valuable information about some of the key aspects of our parish life. We are analyzing the results from this survey to determine our next steps toward fulfilling God’s purpose for us now and in the years to come.

Survey Results

The results of the survey were compiled by Gallup to maintain confidentiality and then shared with St. James.

For the full PDF report of the survey results from Gallup, click here: GALLUP SURVEY RESULTS.PDF

For an interactive view, Luke Stock (St. James parishioner) generously donated his time and talent to create the following data visualization of the survey results using Tableau:

For more information about Gallup’s ME25 Member Engagement Survey, visit Gallup’s website.