Ministry Lead: Deacon Tom Westerkamp
Contact Phone: (847) 253-3090
St. James Care Ministers bring the Holy Eucharist and take time to visit and pray with parishioners who may be ill, unable to leave their homes, be physically challenged or are unable to attend Mass. Home, hospital, and nursing home visitation is offered.

Volunteers for this ministry need to participate in a mandated training session that is offered annually.

The parish office should be notified if someone would like to have a visitor or would like to receive the Eucharist from a Care Minister.


Please be aware that our Ministers of Care are available to bring the Holy Eucharist to all those parishioners who are sick, injured or impaired in any way. If you or someone you know is unable to attend the weekend Liturgy, please contact Deacon Tom Westerkamp at 847-253-3090.
It is important that you and your loved ones share in the community of the Eucharist as members of the St. James Family.