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Marriage Encounter 2020

Marriage Encounter is an experience designed to give you and your spouse the opportunity to examine life together—reasons to celebrate and areas to improve.

The emphasis of Marriage Encounter is on personal reflection and communication between husband and wife.  The program is private.  There is no group sharing.  A Marriage Encounter weekend allows you to give each other the time you need to let your love grow.

Put aside the stress and care of work and household.  Let our team take care of everything:  food, programming, the works!

Just like other priorities in your life your marriage requires care and attention.

Marriage Encounter FAQ’s

 What is Marriage Encounter and what can I expect on a ME weekend?

The week end consists of a series of presentations given by three or four married couples, who just like you, have decided that their marriage is important.  These couples will relate their experiences—the good, the bad, the serious and the funny—and give you questions to ponder and discuss.

 Will we be asked to share with the group?

Couples are never asked to share any personal information with the group (beyond a basic introduction–names, years married, where you’re from).  The only sharing that occurs on a Marriage Encounter is between you and your spouse.

Is this marriage counseling?

Marriage Encounter is NOT a counseling session.  It is marriage education and is a tool designed to help you refresh and renew your marriage.

Do we have to belong to a certain church or denomination?

Marriage Encounter is a Christian organization and married couples of any faith and/or denomination are welcome.

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