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Ministry Lead:
Deacon Matthew Hahn
Bill Borst

Christian Family Movement (CFM) is a national network of parish/neighborhood small groups of Catholics and their families. Parents meet regularly in one another’s homes or at St. James. Through the dynamics of group interaction and our activities, Christian values are reinforced and families are encouraged to reach out in action to others. There are currently about 7-10 families that regularly participate with Matt Hahn’s group.

Bill Borst has restarted CFM for those looking to join and start back with old friends and new friends.  Please contact Bill Borst for more information about upcoming meetings during the school year. We have a discussion relative to the topic for the month, followed by a social time.

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Family giving dog a bath.

“All I really want is to be happy,” my friend said to me. At age 32 he had earned a Ph.D., got a good job, and bought a house. Now he just wanted to find someone who could tell him how to be happy. Don’t we all? Just tell us how to be happy. “Do something for someone else.” CFM families know that when we think about others and their needs, we forget about our own troubles. When we try to help someone else, we suddenly discover that we are happy too. CFM families join with other families in our Action Groups to put love into action…