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Contact info for Women’s CRHP:
Maribeth O’Dell
(847) 528-7276



Not Scheduled. Check back.

Contact info for Men’s CRHP:
Mike Smigiel

CRHP (Christ Renews His Parish) is an effective spiritual renewal process which calls together the men & women members of our parish (separate retreats), in order to experience personal conversion and Christian community. The CRHP experience is an overnight “retreat” and a period of formation with a team of fellow parishioners in prayer, Scripture, and story sharing with others. In a casual and effective way, CRHP is a real instrument of Christian community, building relationships for ongoing parish renewal.

A Spiritual Journey Renewed…

In honor of St. James’ centennial, our parish renewed the Christ Renews His Parish program. Hundreds of parishioners attended Christ Renews His Parish in the 1980’s and 1990’s. It had a remarkable effect on St. James. By touching individual lives, it helped develop the strong spiritual community we share with each other today. And now the program is being offered again. Be one of the parishioners to be renewed in spirit and re-awakened to God’s goodness and grace.

What is the Retreat about?

What is Christ Renews His Parish? Christ Renews His Parish is a two-day spiritual experience like none other you have previously attended. Men you see every week in church share stories of how they found meaning, hope, peace and love within their lives. The experience is personal, inspirational, and fulfilling. Many participants leave the weekend feeling it was one of the most powerful and positive spiritual experiences of their lives. It is a way to establish a stronger bond with God and your fellow parishioners. It helps make men better fathers, husbands, brothers and sons. The retreat runs from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon; meals and lodging will be provided. Join us for a fulfilling weekend and get to know the men of St. James.

What the Retreat is NOT about?

  • It’s NOT Intimidating. Participate if you like, but you can also just observe.
  • It’s NOT Boring. It is well paced and very energizing.
  • It’s NOT Awkward. It is simply a group of men, just like you, who are interested in growing spiritually.
  • It’s NOT Judgmental. It is not a series of lectures or sermons about how you are supposed to live. It is about relating to people’s stories of faith.
  • It’s NOT Strictly Spiritual. There is plenty of time to socialize and get to know other men in the parish. The weekend is for people who want to discover more about their faith. It’s for those with an open mind and an open heart. It’s to build understanding that you are not alone – you have a battle buddy that will never leave you behind.