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Altar Server Families,

Thank you for your service to St. James Parish!!!   When you serve at the altar you are not only helping the priest and our parish but you are helping people to worship God. Serving allows you to play an active part in parish life and to give back to the community. Altar servers assist at the weekend Masses as well as wedding Masses.

The main function of altar servers is to assist the priest (and God) at the altar. Altar servers do this in many different ways: holding the book, holding the acolyte candle, carrying the cross, as well as setting the altar before the blessing of the Eucharist.

The Ministry Lead is our seminarian, Dan Korenchan, and our Altar Server Coordinator is Sharon Dillon.If you have any questions about the schedule or need to get in touch with the Altar Server Coordinator, please fill out the following form below:

St. James Parish




Fill out the new altar server form here.



Altar Server Training Video – Enjoy the training!