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Ministry Lead:
Kathie Chicoine
(847) 202-1294

Kathie Chicoine facilitates an Alzheimer Support Group at St. James. The meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. The group is open to any family members or friends who are looking for information or who are interested in talking to other people experiencing the challenges associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. Anyone who has a family member exhibiting any signs of dementia, regardless of the cause, is welcome to attend.

Goals for the Alzheimer Support Group:
1) Provide a safe place for caregivers to share their difficulties and heartaches with others.
2) Offer a place to talk with other people who are going through or have gone through the same experiences and learn techniques that have worked for them.
3) Learn how to communicate more easily with people who have Alzheimer’s Disease.
4) Learn about common behaviors and helpful interventions.
5) Provide commonsense tips which should make it easier to care for a family member.

Kathie Chicoine has had the joy and the privilege of working for over 20 years as a nurse manager on Alzheimer/Dementia units in the Chicago area. During that time she was frequently involved in counseling family members in addition to her other responsibilities. Kathie has written a staff training manual and has been involved in staff training at two facilities in the area. Kathie has also presented seminars on Alzheimer’s Disease for a variety of groups-family members, social workers, activity staff, nurses, and dental hygienists.

Additional Resources:
Alzheimer’s Association – Greater Illinois Chapter Hotline
24-hour 7 days a week HelpLine – 800 -272-3900
For a support group in your area, check online at or call 800-272-3900

Message Boards on the ALz. Assn site

Forums on Alz. Assn. site with solutions to a variety of challenges

To sign up for Alz. Assn. online newsletter

Barrington Council on Aging has an Early Onset Alzheimer Support Group as well as other services
Look at their online site –
or call-847-381-5030

Catholic Charities has many services available. They are located in the Arlington Heights Senior Center
located at Central and Wilke Rds.
Look at their online site –
or call 847-253-5500

I ‘d like to recommend a book on Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s called “The 36- Hour Day” by Nancy Mace and Peter Rabins. It was one of the first books written specifically for caregiver’s. It contains lots of information and is easy to read. One of the members of our support group highly recommends “Learning to Talk Alzheimer’s” by Joanne Koenig Coste. Both books are available through amazon and libraries. One of the members of the group also recommended videos on youtube by an occupational therapist named Teepa Snow. I’ve looked at some of them and they are excellent.  Check them at

Several members of the support group had some great information that I’d like to pass along…..
There are lots of great items that can be checked out and bought at  There are lots of items available-some items help with memory, some with safety, some with appropriate activities.  ID bracelets for caregivers – which is a great idea if an accident or injury would happen to the caregiver – are available at