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Ministry Lead:
Kathy Borresen
(224) 210-9625

E & A (Environment & Art) is the ministry responsible for the décor you see on Sundays and holy days, during each liturgical season, and at our parish’s sacramental celebrations, prayer gatherings and special occasions. We are responsible for our parish’s two worship spaces, each with its own design parameters and unique character—from the Church’s beautiful stained glass windows to the stark, gym atmosphere of the Parish Center. E & A helps plan, coordinate and implement the overall liturgical schemes; but we specifically design and make banners; order plants and flowers for the seasons; shop for baskets and vases; maintain an inventory of furnishings, hardware and accoutrements. We work hard and at odd hours—long before anyone arrives and again after everyone leaves. We put it all together and we take it all apart.

E & A members should be able to follow directions and possess a working knowledge of Velcro, staples and of course, duct tape. Common sense is a bonus; creativity a plus (but not a requisite). Members simply need to be willing to schlep, push, drag, carry and climb as well as to relax, reflect, pray and realize that we are about God’s work.