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Ministry Lead:
Kathy Borresen
(224) 210-9625

Liturgical Environment is the parish ministry responsible for the décor you see in the Church on Sundays, feast days, throughout liturgical seasons and at our parish’s sacramental celebrations, prayer gatherings and special occasions. We are about highlighting the many glories of God in a visible manner and giving Him honor by the work of our hands.

Liturgical Environment members need to be able to follow directions and have the physical ability to schlep, push, drag, carry and climb. Common sense is a useful trait; creativity a plus (but not a requisite). We work at odd hours—long before anyone arrives and again after everyone leaves. As we work, Liturgical Environment members gain an insight into the nuances and sacredness of liturgies and an expanded understanding of parish life.

Please contact me for more details or if you’re interested in offering your time and talent.
Thank you.
Kathy Borresen
Tel: 224-210-9625