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Dear Fr. Matt,

What a beautiful day it is!   I would like to, on behalf of my family, thank you. Having Natalia’s first day at St. James is a great blessing and we pray it will continue to be for Natalia, Katie and all the children at St. James for a few years. My family is so very grateful and thrilled to have found and join your Church and School.  We have received nothing but very warm greetings and welcome smiles.

The Church staff and parishioners, Mr. Kendrick, the School Teachers, Staff and parents have been AMAZING!  It would be a long list but I will just name a few words to describe it… kind, patient, prudent, professional, supportive, helpful, diligent and loving towards Natalia and our family.  Natalia came home today with a huge smile on her face, so excited and talking about how her school day started with a prayer and Mr. Adams’ reading a story about miracles.  She loved her entire morning at St. James.  My heart melted. Fr. Matt, I recognized that it takes a lot of people to work this out, but I also recognize that God’s graces bloom when there is a Pastor who cares, serves and is willing to help his flock, especially when it may seem very challenging.

I know this is done better in person or maybe with a handwritten note but I just could not wait to THANK YOU!

May our Lord continue to bless you and all your efforts.

Gratefully yours,

Steven and Marinés

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