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Catholics Come Home

Take another look at the Catholic Church…and see what you will find in the Church today!

  • If you left the Church…or you feel the Church left you.
  • If you simply slipped away from the practice of your faith…and are wondering how you can come back.
  • Maybe you have questions and there are things you don’t understand.  We’d love to give you an opportunity to ask those questions.
  • Are you looking for a place to belong and you just don’t feel connected anymore?  Give us a chance to welcome you back and re-introduce home.
  • If you’ve been searching for spirituality, a deeper meaning in life and a community to journey with in your search for fullifillment.
  • You love God and want to follow Jesus but you’ve tried to do it alone and now want a community to help you in your desire for Him.
  • You’ve been church “shopping”, experimenting with other faith traditions and communities but none of them seem to be a good “fit” for you and your family.
  • You have questions about a previous marriage that didn’t work out or a second marriage?

What will you find in the Catholic Church today?

  • Jesus Christ, the center and focus of our lives together.
  • The Church that desires to walk with you on your journey – our journey to God together.
  • The Bible; God’s revelation of Himself to us which continues to speak to us and guide us today.
  • Hope in this confusing world.
  • God’s gift of forgiveness.
  • The Sacraments – where we meet the Lord of Life and where He meets us.
  • Jesus’ victory over sin and death and our freedom from fear.

St. James Parish Welcomes Catholics Home Today and Every Day! We at St. James pray that you will decide to follow Jesus and allow the Holy Trinity to work in your life. We can help you and walk with you to new life in Christ. Share your gifts with our St. James Catholic community. You will feel affirmed with St. James walking along side of you on your faith journey.  Let the Holy Spirit shine through you!

We welcome you to call us at 224-345-7200 and leave a message for Deacon Tom Westerkamp, or email Deacon Tom at

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