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Thank you to all our parishioners who have supported the Open Our Hearts in Welcome campaign.  We are grateful for your generosity and for your commitment to a shared vision to open our hearts in welcome at St. James. Our new worship space allows everybody, regardless of physical limitations, the opportunity to worship and to participate in ministries thanks to the space the new facility provides.  Below, please find the exciting updates on the continuing progress of our 5-year campaign journey.  If you have not already had the chance to support the campaign, please consider doing so. We hope you are enjoying the new church and are able to further enhance your faith life at St. James.  All are welcome in this place!    



Our newly renovated church is handicap accessible and can accommodate more than 800 worshipers.  Accessibility improvements include a ground level entrance, an elevator, hearing loops, bathrooms on both floors, and pew cutouts for wheelchairs.  Meeting space in the basement is more than twice the original size to accommodate ministries of all ages and sizes, a music room dedicated to choir rehearsals, and a commercial-like kitchen and large bathroom with showers designed for PADS use throughout the year.  The renovated parking lot provides greater safety and convenience for parishioners and their visitors. A key highlights where special care was taken was to preserve the existing stain-glass windows, and the addition of two new stain-glass windows on both sides sanctuary (close to the altar.) Finally an intimate Adoration Chapel, located on the lower level, is dedicated to the sacred exhibition of the Eucharist and is functioning 24/7.  

Click the camera to see the project in action!