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Open our Hearts in Welcome Campaign – Church Renovations

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As we enter into construction, we will need to work together.  We are blessed with an opportunity through the prayer and sacrifices of many to address the following issues:

  1. Create a Church that is handicapped accessible and will seat 824 worshippers.
  2. Create a parking lot surrounding the Church with an additional 50 parking spaces.

Those two  major accomplishments will require us to be flexible and work together over the coming months.  I ask that as a congregation we be respectful of our neighbors.  Allow me to answer some questions that you might have concerning the upcoming project.

  1. When do we start? We have already begun to prepare the old St. James School for demolition.  We hope to begin shortly after April 1st, which is  Easter Sunday.
  2. When do we finish? We believe 9 to 12 months is a fair assessment.  We will have a better timeline once we begin the demolition.
  3. Where will Weekend Masses be held? All weekend Masses will be held in the Parish Center (PC) Gym.  The Mass schedule will remain the same and when we return to the newly renovated Church, the Mass schedule is projected to be the same. What about the 7:30 AM Daily Mass?  That Mass will be held in the Parish Center or School gym.  As soon as the Mass ends, all worshipers will head to their cars to make way for our school children getting dropped off.
  4. How about weddings and funerals? Weddings are currently being planned at various Churches throughout the Archdiocese. Concerning funerals, we have a relationship with our neighboring Catholic Churches that will allow us to use their Churches for our parishioner funerals.
  5. What about PADS and other activities that use the Church and old school? PADS has partnered with Palatine Presbyterian Church to continue to provide services until the end of April. Upon completion of the newly renovated Church, PADS, as well as other parish organizations, will have use of the Church basement.
  6. Can I walk to Church, School, and Religious Education? Thank you for asking that great question.  Yes, I can’t say that I know where everyone lives, however God does.  In the spirit of taking better care of ourselves and the environment, it would be wonderful to see more people walking and less people driving. 

Thank you again for making the Open our Hearts in Welcome campaign a reality.

2018 will be an exciting year for St. James.

God Bless you all,

Fr. Matt

Construction begins…



Congratulations!  Together as a community we raised the additional $1.25 million needed to increase the size of our Church.  Whether you responded to the extended campaign with a multi-year pledge, a one-time gift, or with prayerful consideration, we are most grateful for your support.  This means we are ready to move forward with our $10.5 million plan.  This plan will make our church handicap accessible, increase seating from 500 to 824, create more parking, and improve lighting and technology in our facilities.  This is a very exciting time for St. James.

Our next steps will be to meet with the architect and representatives from both the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Village of Arlington Heights to review our plans for approval.  Most importantly, we will meet with our neighbors to share our plans and listen to any comments they may have regarding construction.  Our hope is to break ground on the project in April 2018.

Please continue to check the bulletin and website for additional information and updates on the project. This is a significant accomplishment in the history of St. James.  Your enthusiasm and generosity for this campaign is unprecedented.

If you have any questions, please call the parish at 224-345-7200.