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As our liturgical year closes, it does so with readings and a title that we seldom reflect on independently from all the others during the year.  It is the one feast during which our focus is on the fact of the Kingship of Jesus.  While he is Messiah, Savior, Shepherd, Redeemer – all comforting to us – on this one Sunday we celebrate Jesus as KING!  During his public life, he readily referred to himself as all of those things that relate so comfortably to us.  On this particular Sunday, as we close the cycle of Mark’s gospel, we hear from the Book of Daniel and Revelation as well as from St. John, that this Man, whom we envision as all those good things for us, is truly, and without reserve, the King of heaven and earth.

As we begin our new liturgical year, we hear the recounting of Christ’s life, from beginning to end, in the words and writings of Luke.  His account details only what those who were witnesses could reveal to him, and tells those stories of human love and compassion which Jesus exhibited during his public life.  It is the most poetic of the four gospels, told by a man who was believed to be a physician, and therefore well acquainted with the human condition.

And, as with the other gospels, Luke will culminate with the ultimate title for the One we all await at the Second Coming – Christ the King!


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