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SEEK is a 5-day event where people gather to ask the big questions about life, love and how to discover true happiness.

Whether you are a college student, parishioner, campus minister or priest we have the track that fits your needs. Join the Lifelong Mission Track to get the full experience of SEEK when you register.

The Lifelong Mission Track is designed to provide vision, training and resources for those striving to be missionary disciples in the family, parish and workplace.

Use the code FOCUSguest200 to add the additional $200 off (for attendees able to attend the entire event). If you are registering as a couple or two people who want to room together, use the code FOCUSguest400 so you can both get the $200 off each (again, for attendees attending the entire event). 

I will update you more with specific information on travel plans. I am looking into getting a bus down to Indianapolis.

Attending SEEK2019 provides an opportunity to encounter God in a deeper way alongside fellow parishioners ?

Click here to register for SEEK2019!


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