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Celebrate at St. James
We kindly request you to contact:
Liz Czajikowski
Liz will explain the process of preparing for Christian marriage, and assist you in selecting a date for your wedding liturgy.

wed 2Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming Nuptials. We are thrilled you have chosen St. James Church to celebrate your marriage.The preparation of your marriage and wedding happens simultaneously. Marriage for Christians is a sacramental celebration – a sign of God’s love and fidelity for us. The liturgy of your wedding day is a ritual filled with music, symbols, family, friends and the rich tradition of our catholic faith. Everyone loves the beauty and splendor of a wedding, St. James loves the religious significance it contains. The coming months will be hectic and exciting. We are happy to assist you in planning this very special day and sacrament.AMC_0338

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