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The entire purpose of this trivia event is for people to have fun with their friends from all across the country. You will be able to have fun while watching the trivia on Facebook live without having to worry about interacting with hosts or with people outside of your own team.

Friday May 29 at 8:30pm Central

Teams may consist of 6 people maximum. There is no minimum number of people per team. They do not need to be from St. James and do not even need to be Catholic. There will be some faith-based questions but a majority of the questions will be random topics! There is no limit to the number of teams that can register. Use Zoom or another method of your choice to connect with your team throughout the event.

Watch this video and then fill out the form below! It is important that you pick a team captain as they will be the ones emailing the scores after each round.

Team Captain
This person is who we will email specific instructions to and who will be responsible for emailing us the team score after each round. Expect an email from us by Wednesday with the instructions.

Facebook Live
This event will be streamed on Facebook live at the entire team can click the link to watch and hear the questions being asked. Make sure everyone likes the facebook page!

There will be 5 rounds with 4 questions in each round. At the end of each round, the team captain will send an email to let us know how many points their team secured for that round. Obviously there is a level of trust built in here but that same trust is being given that no one will use the internet to search for answers. Remember, Fr. Matt and Jesus are watching! We will update the scores after each round so that teams know how they are doing. There will be a final round with ONE question where teams can wager their points before we ask the question. We will explain this on the live stream.

A prize will be announced at the beginning of the facebook Live Stream. STAY TUNED.

Please email Jonathan Blevins @Jonathan Blevins if you have any questions.


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