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I grew up in Deerfield and Northbrook with my mom, dad and five siblings. I attended St. Norbert’s School, but actually graduated from St. Vivian School in Cincinnati. I attended Marillac High School and Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, where I received a B.A. in English literature and English writing.

After graduating from college, I worked for an advertising agency; in the sales and marketing department of a North Michigan Avenue hotel; and in the development office at Children’s Memorial Hospital. After starting our family, my husband and I moved to Deerfield, where I enjoyed the flexibility of working as a development consultant. My clients included Archdiocesan parishes, schools as well as the Office of Catholic Schools and Mundelein Seminary.

Over the past 30 years as a member of St. Clement and then Holy Cross Parish, I’ve served in a variety of ministries and organizations, including the parish council, school board and various fundraising committees, and as a catechist and Confirmation facilitator.  Each volunteer role gave me a greater understanding and deeper appreciation for all that parish life has to offer. My husband and I are blessed with three children, William, Kate and Joan.

As Director of Development, I enjoy every opportunity to support the vision and mission of St. James, add value to existing programs, and expand the base of support for the parish and school.

One of my favorite quotes is a gospel reading reflection I encountered not long ago: “Each of us at our own baptism receives the gift of a vocation. May we always have the humility to recognize our unique vocation, no matter how it may look to others, and the courage to live the life that God calls us to each day.”

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