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In August 2018 the Illinois legislature passed the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program bill, Invest in Kids.  This scholarship program awards income-based scholarships to students in grades K-12 who come from low-income families or have special needs.  This bill gives more students an opportunity to receive a quality education.  Since the bill’s inception, St. James School has

received $34,500 in funding from the program.

Matching Gift Challenge until February 28, 2019!

A group of generous donors has agreed to pool their resources and offer a 2-for-1 matching gift program to schools run by the Archdiocese of Chicago. For every dollar designated to a qualifying school through Empower Illinois* from now until February 28, 2019, the school will receive two dollars in matching funds. The donations are capped at $100,000 per school.

After April 1, 2019, any matching gift program funds that are not awarded at a designated school will be reallocated to low-income students at schools with unmet demand. For more information please visit or call 312.534.2617 to speak with the Tax Credit Scholarship Office at the archdiocese.

*Empower Illinois is a statewide Scholarship Granting Organization created in 2017 to serve Illinois children through the state’s tax credit scholarship program.

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