Kathryn Coughlin

Parish Council Member, 2nd Grade RE Catechist, PADS scheduling volunteer, WOSJ Care Chair, Vacation Bible School Co-chair

Tell us about yourself:
I have been a parishioner at St. James for my entire life. I live in Mt. Prospect with my husband and 3 sons. I currently work for an IT firm as a Project Manager.

When did you start serving at St. James?
I am a life long parishioner, and served the parish in my youth and adulthood.

Why are you passionate about serving at St. James?
Many of my best memories have been at St. James, and I have made friends at all stages of my life that are very dear to me. As a youth I was passionate about service to the parish and community, and remain dedicated to ministries that serve both. As an educator, I feel called to enrich and excite the kids, teens, and young adults on their journeys as Catholics. It is most important to me that I belong to a parish that includes, empowers, and respects all.

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