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Adult Faith Formation

The Adult Faith Formation ministry provides opportunities to deepen one’s faith in the areas of theology, prayer, and spirituality.


The Miniseries

This new offering is for those who can’t commit to an ongoing series like BYOB but who still want to engage in some adult formation. Each Miniseries will consist of 2 or 3 episodes–consecutive nights of exploration of one theological or spiritual topic.

Miniseries Season 2
The Synoptic Gospels:
Seeing the Same from Different Perspectives
The Spiritual Life:
Moving from Fear to Freedom

Episodes 1 & 2



Episode 1


Miniseries Season 1
Last Things First
A Basic Exploration of “Eschatology”
Who is Christ and what did he do?
A Basic Exploration of “Christology”
The (First Two)
Sacraments of Initiation

Episode 1: The Christian Worldview
Episode 2: The Stuff About Death
Episode 3: The Future Life



Episode 1: Who Christ Is
Episode 2: What Christ Did


Episode 1: Baptism
Episode 2: Confirmation


The BYOB Series


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Updated 05/19/2021

Updated 05/19/2021

Note: Episode 12 has a slight audio issue (music in the background)
but is fixed after a few minutes. Sorry for the inconvenience!




Passioning: A Series on Suffering (April 2020)

St. James Small Group Studies

Our goal is to deepen our personal relationship with God through small group faith-sharing and fellowship. Are you seeking… a closer relationship with God?  a deeper Catholic faith?  more meaningful friendships?

Small Group Study may be the right experience for you to help fulfill those needs! Groups are formed with about 8-10 participants. Some groups meet only during the six weeks of Lent while others meet bimonthly or weekly. Meetings are guided by a facilitator and usually last between 1 to 2 hours (based on the group). If you are interested or would like to learn more, please contact Matt Marcheschi at 224-345-7210 or