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Ministry Lead:
Joan Tatje

The green environments of St. James—the flower beds and landscaping around the church and rectory, the courtyard, perimeter of the parking lot, and around the building of the St. James Parish Center —are lovingly cared for by the volunteers of the Garden Club. Many of these natural spaces are used by parishioners looking for a quiet and prayerful atmosphere, by wedding parties seeking an outdoor background for photos, and for informal meetings of various church ministries.

A volunteer of the Garden Club is someone who appreciates the greenery and floral beauty of St. James parish grounds. A volunteer can contribute in several ways by planting, pruning, weeding and/or watering the garden areas of St. James. You may choose your own garden area to maintain on your own schedule or respond to occasional group requests for help.

The Garden Club can be a perfect opportunity for a father/mother, son/daughter project to share, spending time together and contributing to the beauty of the St. James community. If you have moved to a condo and miss your garden, adopt a St. James garden.

Volunteers can be reimbursed for their purchases of plants and or supplies due to the generosity of the St. James Women’s Club and private donations. Donations are greatly appreciated.