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In a parish as large as St. James, the Greeting Ministry hopes to provide a kind, familiar face at each Mass to receive each person into our parish community and make them feel welcome and at home. As people enter our church and parish center during weekend liturgies and special holidays, the Greeting Ministers happily welcome them with open arms.

The greeters make all feel welcome and also facilitate the distribution of liturgy materials. Greeting Ministers are assigned to specific Mass times as fit their schedule and needs. The requirements to be a Greeting Minister are a friendly attitude and a great smile! Families, teens and adults can participate together. Being a Greeting Minister is a great way to get to know others in the parish, to feel a part of the St. James Community, and to participate more fully in the liturgy.

It is personally fulfilling to be able to connect with people. When the children smile and wave, or you exchange a few words with someone you see each week, there is a feeling of connection.