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Ministry Lead:
Bonnie Minaglia
(847) 372-0960

Mass Coordinators at St. James serve at weekend Masses and special seasonal Masses by ensuring an organized and respectful celebration of the Mass—the center of our Catholic spiritual life.

Mass Coordinators have a deep love and solemn respect for the Mass, especially the Eucharist. They are responsible for organizing and guiding parish volunteers who serve at the Mass, including other Eucharistic ministers, lectors, servers and visiting priests, to ensure each Mass is properly staffed. We also make certain that all articles needed for the celebration of the Eucharist are properly prepared and available in necessary quantities, including the hosts, wine, Eucharistic vessels, and chalices.

Any Eucharistic Minister can volunteer as a St. James Mass Coordinators. Being a Mass Coordinator is a special opportunity to interact with the priests, deacons, lectors, cantors, servers, other Eucharistic Ministers and with parishioners.

No formal meetings occur; we use e-mail to communicate weekly specifics for weekend and seasonal Masses.