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I am excited to be with you all as your Coordinator of High School Youth Ministry. I’ve been a parishioner at St James for the few years. I currently lead a Bible Study for young professionals and coach one of the sixth grade girls’ basketball teams.  I am passionate about the new evangelization and discipleship mission at St. James.

I am originally from northern Virginia. My three younger siblings and I were baptized and raised Catholic.  Though I went through a lot of the motions of being Catholic, prayer before each meal and mass every Sunday, I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus or appreciate the rich beauty of the Catholic faith.

I attended George Mason University and graduated with a degree in Government and International Politics and a minor in law.  During my freshman year, I met a few missionaries with FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. These men and women were on fire for their faith and wanted to share it. They were young and vibrant. Through their witness, authentic friendship, and invitation to know Jesus Christ, I was drawn back to my faith and began to make changes in the way I was living my life and the friends I was surrounding myself with.

The fall after graduation, I did not go to law school as originally planned, but I became a FOCUS missionary and was sent to serve at the University of Vermont.  After a few years, I transitioned out of my role as a campus missionary and moved to Denver, Colorado to join FOCUS’ events department.  This was the start of my event planning career.  My team and I created, planned, and executed large scale conferences for thousands and various smaller conferences with hundreds in attendance.

Eventually, it was time to take my skill set to the corporate world. I moved to Chicagoland and began corporate event planning working with major companies out of the east coast. I enjoyed the corporate world and experienced great success, but when the opportunity for this new position at St. James presented itself, I knew it was something I needed to prayerfully consider.

I am passionate about serving the young people of St. James. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us this year at St. James. I look forward to diving deeper into the St. James community and I am excited to be here with the youth of St. James.