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Hi everyone! After 6 years as a FOCUS missionary on University campuses internationally, I am so glad to call St. James my home! I will continue my work with FOCUS here at St. James hopefully facilitating encounters and bringing people closer to the heart of Our Lord.

I’ve lived in 5 countries, but my favorite by far is the USA. I love all things American, baking, and when the weather is under 80 degrees. I’m big on friendship and going to the movies in the middle of the day. If I could be famous for anything, it’d probably be for being the Kardashian’s Nanny. Hear me out, if we could influence the influencers, people would be invited back to Church by the masses! Lucky for me, I’m not famous and I’m not the Kardashian’s nanny. So, as I pray for them to become disciples of Jesus, I can prepare the Church to receive all who come there. I try to live as a missionary disciple with each breath.. I fail a lot, but good thing for me .. perfection isn’t a precondition for a relationship with Jesus, it is a fruit of it! One day I’ll be perfect and one day I’ll be back in the Father’s House! I hope you’ll be there too so, come and see us at St. James and we can go together! ?