Bob Green

Parish Pastoral Council

Tell us about yourself:
I begin each day with an hour of prayer, including gratitude and reflection. That reflection and guidance from God led me to understand the “power of we” many years ago. Throughout this time, from virtual teams across the world to those in adjoining offices, the outcomes that we achieved were always due to our combined insights and efforts. Rather than breaking down silos within the organization, my approach has been to build pathways between them.

When did you start serving at St. James?
I’ve been serving at St. James for over 9 years.

Why are you passionate about serving at St. James?
Through the faith and generosity of so many people in the St. James community, I’ve found that growing closer to God and becoming more involved in this community has been an intentional path forward. The mass celebrations serve as a starting point for many more great opportunities to serve God, with people who are genuinely interested in making progress together.

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