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Fr. Ed Pelrine


Tell us about yourself:

I spent eight years as pastor of Queen of the Rosary in Elk Grove Village, and would often hear about the many good things happening at St. James.  Over the last six years, I have served on the faculty of Mundelein Seminary, most recently as vice rector. Working with men preparing for the priesthood has been gratifying and fruitful. Parish life, too, is a great joy, and I am grateful be doing that once more.

When did you start serving at St. James? 

July of 2021

Why are you passionate about serving at St. James?

Throughout the twenty years of my priesthood, I have become more and more convicted that the Church’s mission is this: to confidently preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people so that they might receive the salvation and new life he has won for us. The Lord has given us all that we need to proceed on this mission – the living Word of God, the sacraments, the Tradition passed down to us from the Apostles, and the presence of the Trinity in the Church – always. I am excited to continue this mission with you here at St. James.

Contact Information
[email protected]

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