Deacon Johnny Burnett


Tell us about yourself:
I grew up in a large Irish Catholic family in Peoria, IL, blocks from Bradley University. My parents handed on their faith to me, and I’ve had a personal relationship with God through Christ since high school. As an adult, I have continually drawn closer to Christ, and when I met my wife, Susan, we recognized that we shared a mutual love of God and wanted to serve Him together, which led us to discern my calling to the diaconate. I was ordained a deacon in May of 2021, and I have come to realize that formation is a lifelong process that does not conclude with ordination.

When did you start serving at St. James?
Susan and I joined St. James in September 2019 and began serving in various ministries. We had a year off from my diaconal formation as we acclimated to our new parish, and we took that opportunity to serve in ministries where we were called and invited.

Why are you passionate about serving at St. James?
Fr. Matt Foley welcomed us with open arms when we first considered joining the parish. A parishioner of St. James, who we have known for years, invited us to the parish and shared that “St. James is a very Christ-centered parish.” From the very beginning of our marriage, my wife and I chose to place Christ firmly at the center of our lives, and we happily discovered that our parishioner friend was right about St. James! Susan and I are so happy to be part of the St. James family!

Contact Information

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