a night of invitation for those in your life seeking to reconnect with God

A simple way to share your faith. Go out, invite people in and allow God to do the rest.

Taizé-style prayer invites you to connect with the Word of God through song, prayer, and meditation. It's a shared, meditative form of prayer where there isn't a designated leader; instead, we engage in it together as a community.

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March 29, 2024
Good Friday Taizé

The invite is simple

Invite a person in your life that you'd like to see approach God by lighting a candle and sitting in silence, song, and prayer.

Regardless of how they respond this is a moment of a Christ-centered encounter to sow seeds for the movement towards Christ in their lives.


Once your family or friend accepts your invitation the evening will invite them to join in prayer, silence, and sharing of light to show a sign of unity and of God's light and hope in our lives.


The evening is likely the first time your family member or friend has set foot inside a church, or the first time in a long time. Once inside they are free to take part in the evening prayer as much as they're comfortable doing.

Whether they sit in silence, pray outwardly, or join in song we leave the movement towards Christ in the hands of the Holy Spirit.