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Patty Reilly

Office Administrator

Tell us about yourself:
I began my career in the business world in the Sears Tower in Chicago. My husband, Sean, and I were married a few years when he received a wonderful job opportunity in Southern California. We completely enjoyed CA’s outdoor life of hiking, camping, skiing, biking, the mountains and the beaches for 6 years. We left Chicago with one child and came home with three! I went on to work in the fitness field, St. Theresa’s in Preschool, and volunteering for many ministries and coaching positions in our children’s school and our Parish.

When did you start serving at St. James?
September 2019

Why are you passionate about serving at St. James?
I am grateful the Holy Spirit guided me to this active, beautiful Parish with such a strong community of faith. I know Faith, Family, Friends and Fellowship have been my guiding light and strength. I hope I can share my blessings as I continue to let God guide me.

Contact Information
[email protected]

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