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Be Disciples of Christ.

Make Disciples of Christ.

Experience deep connection with Christ
in a thriving Catholic community

Come to St. James


820 N. Arlington Heights Rd., Arlington Heights, IL 60004


820 N. Arlington Heights Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
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Searching for a welcoming Catholic community?

  • Want to re-engage with your faith, but don’t know where to start?
  • Struggling to find a parish that can meet you where you are?
  • Feeling lost, lonely, and disconnected from others?
We were made to live in relationship with God and in community with others.

At St. James Parish, we can help you get connected – no matter where you’re at in your faith.

Come to St. James
Wherever you’re at in your faith journey, you are welcome at St. James.

Join us for Mass, and experience a deeper fulfillment of your faith!

Encounter God

Participate in a Mass experience that’s rooted in Catholic tradition, yet connects in a contemporary way.

Encounter One Another

Walk with others who meet you where you are and help you get involved in the life and ministry of our parish.

Transform Your Life

Experience ongoing opportunities for deeper faith formation to live out the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church.

Come to St. James

Mass Times this week

No reservations are needed for mass.

Ready to join a thriving community of faith?

1. Come to St. James

At St. James, you can participate with our parish community in a variety of ways, including Mass with both traditional and contemporary music, monthly Encounter nights, or the Adoration Chapel.

Come to St. James

2. Get Involved

Get involved with our small group Bible studies, formation classes, or other events and experience renewal in your faith journey.


3. Grow in Community

Engage in service and ministry opportunities, living on mission and in community as you share Christ with others.


Why St. James Parish?

Established in 1905, St. James Parish seeks to help others pursue fulfillment in their faith. Whether you’re new to the faith or just want to get connected, we find a way to help everyone who walks through our doors engage with the life and mission of our church.

As a parish, we’re deeply committed to meeting you where you are and helping you experience a closer connection with Christ. We recently completed a multi-year renovation of our buildings, sparking a rebirth and renewal of our faith community. In the midst of the newness, we have remained committed and faithful to the Catholic tradition, providing parishioners with a reverent, beautiful experience to help them connect with Christ.

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What People are Saying

I moved to Arlington Heights three years ago. My parents were raised Catholic, but they decided to give us the freedom to choose our own religion. I always wanted to be part of it, but never had the courage to proceed forward. Now, I’m a mother of two young children and they have inspired me to follow through. The RCIA program is a great experience for anybody who wants to understand and experience the Catholic faith and its teachings without any pressure. Thank you, RCIA Team, for your support and your time dedicated to this program.


My grandparents were married at St. James so we began attending Mass to check out the church. We fell in love with the community at this parish and decided this is where we wanted to celebrate the sacrament of marriage.


I live in Arlington Heights with my husband of 10 years and three children. My daughter started wrestling with the “big questions” in 1st grade. I had no idea how to guide her in Catholic faith so we enrolled her in St. James Religious Education classes and started going to Church regularly. I enjoyed Church. I used the time to think, reflect on my blessings, be with my family, and pray for others. I was a comfortable guest, happy to turn to the side to let parishioners pass for communion. But, week after week those seeds of faith planted so many years ago began to grow roots and Mass became nourishing, sustaining, and essential.

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