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Path To Sunday

Ascension of the Lord

Mark 16:15

Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.

Readings for the Ascension of the Lord: Acts, Ephesians, Mark


In Mark 16:15-20, Jesus instructs his disciples to “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.” This commissioning is the foundation of the Church’s mission, which is to carry the message of salvation to all corners of the earth. The word “mission” comes from the Latin word “missionem,” which means “to be sent.” This reflects the nature of our call—to be sent by God, the ultimate sender, to fulfill a specific task.

Reflecting on the mission of the Church, we are reminded of our role in this divine mission of love and redemption.

Just as Christ was sent by the Father to save the world, we too are sent to continue his work. Our mission is to proclaim the good news of salvation and bring others into communion with Christ.

We are challenged to consider how we are living out our mission. Are we actively sharing the gospel with others? Are we living lives that reflect the love and mercy of Christ? Let us embrace our mission with courage and zeal, knowing that through us, God’s love and salvation can reach the ends of the earth.

Reflection Questions

  • Do you consciously and purposefully share the good news of salvation with those around you?
  • In what specific ways can you demonstrate the love and mercy of Christ in your daily interactions?
  • How can you further develop your relationship with Christ to fulfill your mission within the Church effectively?
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