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Path To Sunday

11th Sunday In Ordinary Time

Mark 4:30

"To what shall we compare the kingdom of God?"

Readings for Sunday: Ezekiel, Second Corinthians, Mark


In Sunday’s readings, we explore the Kingdom of God, a term often used but not always fully understood. Many people equate the Kingdom of God with heaven or an eternal life with God, but often miss its broader implications. Historically, during Jesus’ time, the phrase ‘Kingdom of God’ evoked varied responses. The Sadducees saw it as a shadowy existence, while the Pharisees anticipated a revived Kingdom of Israel led by a messianic descendant of King David.

Jesus, however, presented a different understanding. As King, not merely through earthly descent but as God incarnate, He spoke of a heavenly kingdom that transcends physical space.

It is a state of existence with God, akin to an alternate reality or parallel dimension. This kingdom is also made up of people, described as living stones built into a spiritual house.

Jesus’ teachings indicate that the Kingdom of God is both present and future—it is growing now, through the Church, and will be fully realized in the end times. Our entry into this kingdom is through grace and requires our cooperation. We must live as true citizens of this kingdom, reflecting Jesus’ reign in all aspects of our lives.

Reflection Questions

  • How are you living as a citizen of the Kingdom of God in your daily actions?
  • Is Jesus truly the King over your life, influencing your choices and behaviors?
  • How do you cooperate with God’s grace to grow spiritually?
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