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Mens Welcome Retreat

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Men's Welcome Retreat

A man is forged in the mightiest fire when tempered by trials. Join the journey during this year’s Men’s Welcome Retreat. The weekend beckons you to join a brotherhood of Christ that will build you up as you hear men share their stories of the real-life change that happens with an encounter with Jesus Christ. Wherever you are in your faith or your relationships, this retreat will ignite your spirit and help grow you into the man God has created you to be, alongside men that will accompany you along the way. Join the Journey.
Saint James Parish Center
February 24th and 25th

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What Men Are Saying

A weekend I finally realized our Lord Jesus Christ loves me. I did not just realize it; I felt it. So after that, life changed for the better. I welcome you to experience the same gift I received.

John L.Parishioner

A weekend I discovered Christ's love for me and His desire to have me become the man I am called to be, a son of God. I invite you to come to a weekend that will ignite your spirit and maybe change your life.

Mark J.Parishioner

A life altering event in my life moved me to search for spiritual renewal and Christian fellowship. After nine inspiring years with Welcome and my third witness talk coming up I am all in on this weekend. You will benefit greatly by attending. It is a weekend you will remember.

Mark P.Parishioner
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