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Path To Sunday

12th Sunday In Ordinary Time

Rembrandt | The Storm on the Sea of Galilee

Mark 4:40

"Why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith?"

Readings for Sunday: Job, 2nd Corinthians, Mark


One of life’s most challenging questions is why God allows suffering. We often ask why God permits cancer, the loss of a child, or personal hardships like losing a job or home. While a complete explanation is complex, today’s Gospel offers us a perspective. Mark 4:35-41 emphasizes that while Christ saves us, God still permits struggles and suffering for our spiritual growth and to deepen our love for Him.

Observing the world’s suffering and injustice suggests a fundamental problem that cannot be resolved merely through education or social programs. Sin, or the rejection of God’s love, has introduced death and suffering into the world.

However, God, through Jesus, has shown His care by experiencing human suffering and death. This act of solidarity and sacrifice is central to salvation, which involves not just escaping hell but also renewing and healing a broken creation.

God permits suffering to foster true love and trust in Him. Through adversity, like the apostles’ fear during a storm calmed by Jesus, we are called to deepen our faith and relationship with God. Ultimately, salvation is about perfecting our love for God and one another, preparing us for eternal happiness in heaven.

Reflection Questions

  • How do you respond to suffering in your life—do you see it as a chance to deepen your faith and trust in God?
  • When facing storms in your life, do you trust that Jesus is with you, calming the chaos?
  • How can you grow in love for God and others through your struggles and challenges?
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